Oct 9, 2013 - AVG 2014 Free - This is one of the best free antivirus programs. Download it by clicking once on the blue line below. Choose the Green "Download Now" button. Wait, and do not click anything else until you get asked to save or run. Save it to your desktop. Uninstall your old antivirus software and restart your computer. If you have avg 2013 you can just install it over the old version and restart your computer when the install is finished. Doubleclick on the file on your desktop to begin the install. Note! - During the installation, to get the free version you must choose "Basic Protection". If you install the trial version by mistake uninstall it and when asked if you want to downgrade to the free version, say yes. During install, choose custom, and uncheck avg add-ons and additional languages.
Once installed you must update the software and do a first time scan called an "Optimization Scan". Complete the first scan all the way through without interruption. To set-up automatic scanning Choose Options / Advanced Settings / Schedule / Scheduled Scan / Click the top button and uncheck the bottom one, and then choose your frequency and time of scans. I like once a week.
Oct 9, 2013 - Malwarebytes ver 7.5 - Download it by choosing the green Download Now button on the link below this paragraph. When updating be sure to uncheck the top box in front of - Allow a trial version to be installed. Update and run a Quickscan once a month. Delete any items found. Download it from the following link.
Oct 9, 2013 - Spywareblaster, a spyware preventer (not a scanner) newest version is 5.0.  This version will install over the previous version. Download it from the link below. Choose the green "Download Now" button. Wait and do not click on any other buttons until you are asked to Save or Run. Save to your desktop. During the install, choose "Manual Download" and finish the install.
Update by choosing the last blue line on the bottom of the page, then "Check for Updates".  After the updates are downloaded, choose "Protection Status" and then the 3rd line from the bottom "Enable all Protection". Close the program after all items go to zero.
Oct 9, 2013 - Ccleaner - Install and choose "run cleaner" once a month. Do not use the registry cleaner function without consulting me first. Do not put in or remove any checkmarks from the default settings on the cleaner. Look for the green arrow on the link page below which says "Download Now". Wait until you are asked to run or save.
Save the file to your desktop or Run to install it directly. The first time you run the program, be sure to check the box on the popup (do not show this again).
Run this program once a month by opening and choosing "Run Cleaner". Wait until it reaches 100% - then close.
Oct 9, 2013 - Hitman Pro for 32bit and 64bit operating systems
Right click on My Computer or Computer on your desktop - choose Properties. Look on the page that appears to see if you are using a 32 or 64 bit OS. Go to the link below and download the correct version of Hitman Pro. Double click to start - allow it to update online - Agree with the user rules. To use the free version for 30 days choose one time only and uncheck the email box. The scan will complete - Ask for a one time activation of the free 30 day license. Change the settings on all of the items found to Delete.
Allow the software to clean the computer - Restart the computer after you close Hitman Pro or choose reboot.
Combofix - Download from BleepingComputer.com - Only run this software in safe mode after you have run all the above software and only with my help. Disable you antivirus software before you run it and choose Until Restart as the time chosen.
A remote control scanning and cleaning session can be done by calling me on the phone and allowing me to remotely connect to your computer. This usually costs 1/2 as much as an onsite visit, because there is no travel time or cost. Call 928-279-3385 to get started. Then go to the link below and download and run the v8.0.22298(Quick Support) file.
Call me if you have specific questions or problems with the above tasks.  928-279-3385